Sunday, September 2, 2007

that folder

Pastor Ted Haggard

Leader of the National Association of Evangelicals from 2003 until November of 2006 when it came out that he likes to bang dudes.

Congressman Mark Foley

Represented Florida's 16th district from 1995 until September of 2006 when it came out that he likes to have inappropriate relations with boys.

State Rep. Bob Allen

Co-Chair of John McCain's presidential campaign in the State of Florida until he tried to pay an undercover cop 20 bucks so he could suck his cock.

*This is the guy who claims he was so scared walking around a park filled with black people that he offered the cop money to perform fellatio because he was "a pretty stocky black guy" and he didn't want to get beat up.

Governor Jim McGreavy

Governor of New Jersey from 2002 until November of 2004 when he resigned after admitting to having an affair with another man. In Governor McGreevy's defense he has admitted to being gay and has openly embraced that lifestyle. To be fair, he doesn't deserve to be grouped with these other fellows, as he has done nothing hypocritical.

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