Thursday, February 1, 2007

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Verborrhea?

A: It is my attempt to change the world, my quest to rid the world of idiots, douchebags, and mindless followers and turn them into heartless, shallow assholes like myself.

Q: What does Verborrhea mean? Is it a real word?

A: It might be, depending on how hip your dictionary is. Basically it means diarrhea of the mouth.

Q: What's up with the lizard?

A: That is a gila monster. You can view the original post explaining it here.

Q: why is there an apple covering your face?

A: Because I am so clever.

Q: Can I copy, reuse or steal any of the stuff on this website?

A: It's not like I can stop you.

Q: Can I donate money to this worthy cause?

A: Excellent question! Yes, donations can be made through paypal to They are not tax deductible and they will go directly to my bill collectors.

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